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Virtual Sports Football Soccer Baseball Hockey
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VIRTUAL SPORTS ARENA Our Virtual Sports Arena System brings the latest in gaming technology right to your event! Playing solo, in pairs or by teams, your event guests will interact with the state-of-the-art computer graphics and animation to play their favorite sports. Select from a wide variety of sports – Soccer, baseball, football, field goal kick, hockey, basketball and even a Zombie dodge ball. This system offers an unparalleled sense of immersion! Includes: Complete Enclosure, VR System, Sports Equipment and 1 tech Virtual Reality Soccer With the Visual Soccer simulator, players use real soccer balls to dribble and shoot on goalkeepers. Goalkeepers react in real-time to try and save each shot. Virtual Reality Baseball Players pitch to intimidating batters in a simulated game environment. Strikeout and brush back the batters...but make sure they don't take you deep! A built in speed gun tells the players how fast they are pitching. Virtual Reality Football Players take the quarterback position and throw real footballs to moving receivers at different distances and positions on the field. Players kick real footballs through the on-screen uprights in an authentic stadium background. Kicking distances increase as the player's kicking ability is proven. Virtual Reality Hockey Virtual Hockey was designed to provide the most realistic and advanced hockey simulation experience possible. Visual Sports Systems has worked with NHL players to create a unique combination of video and animation processes that simulate real player Optional! Customize Most of the stadium areas for an additional fee Add in video commercials provided by client (No Fee) Customize the Goalie for an additional fee Customize the outside of the enclosure for a fee
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