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A to Z Events Story 

A to Z Events Story Begins 23 years ago. Calanit Atia, our founder came to America to attend UNLV best school in the world for Trade Shows and Convention Management. Her love for the trade show industry was discovered at the age of 15 when she visited Comdex. The excitement on the trade show world made her want to be apart of that world.

During the 4 years of University she worked with many trade show management companies and exhibitors. Assisting with floor management, onsite management, exhibitor services, and party planning.

At 2001 she opened A to Z events with one goal in mind, to assist exhibitors with all their trade show and events needs. With her determination and high standards of service, A to Z events became known in the trade show industry.  The Las Vegas hotels took notices, and started to utilize A to Z evens services for Corporate America.

Calanit's passion for Las Vegas and her love for events and the trade show industry, won her many awards for the past 20 years.  

A to Z Events with 1000+ clients have won many awards and recognition through the years for their great customers service, talent management and destination management services.

A to Z Events Goal is to be a partner for their clients not just a vendor. Their Success is our Success.

We want to be known for a company that Client Can Rely On While They Are In Las Vegas.

Personalize customer service. Boutique Company, that put people first!! 
Contact Calanit Atia today 702-212-2500 ext. 1