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Calanit Atia

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Calanit Atia

  • The Distinguished Women in Nevada Award Recipient 2014.

  • Recipient of the prestigious Miller Freeman Award in 1997- Contribution to the Trade Show Industry

  • Award-Winning Columnist for trade show leading magazine Exhibit City News column, Other Columns

  • Founder / President A to Z Events 
  • Israeli Air force Veteran Gulf War
  • Proud graduate of UNLV, Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration, Minor in Trade Show and Conventions
  • 1% most viewed profile on LinkedIn in 2012 (out of 250 million members)
  • Las Vegas Business Woman of the Year Nominee 2012
  • Honorary member of ETA Sigma Delta --the Hotel Administration honor society.
  • Member of Golden Key Society of the National Honor Society.
  • State Assembly Candidate 2010               
  • Philanthropist
  • Author “What Choice Did I Have”
  • Speaker

  • Was born and raised in Israel.
  • Currently resides in Las Vegas, NV

  • My Amazing Clients

President and Founder of A to Z and ; an Israeli Air Force Gulf War Veteran and graduate of UNLV; Top 100 Women of Influence Award Recipient 2015, Distinguished Woman of Nevada Award 2014, Las Vegas Business Woman of the Year Nominee 2012, Recipient of the prestigious Miller Freeman Award in 1997; an honorary member of ETA Sigma Delta and Golden Key Society.  Wanting to make a difference she run for Assembly in 2010, as well as working with Three Squares and Homeless. Her contributions and dedication to excellence made her 1% most viewed profile on LinkedIn in 2012 (out of 250 million members)

After receiving a degree in Photography from Vizo Zarfat Tel Aviv Israel, she joined the Israeli Air Force. During Desert Storm, she worked with the citizens of Israel educating them on civil defense. After leaving the Air Force, she began her professional career as the top sales executive for the largest newspaper in Israel. After years of success in that field, Calanit switched gears and goals moving to Las Vegas, Nevada. Calanit has been a Las Vegas resident for the past nineteen years. During this time, she has pursued her dream of being an important part of the Las Vegas Convention and Events industry.

While working on her Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration Degree with emphasis on Trade Show and Exhibition Management at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Calanit was greatly involved in developing the Mentor Program.

Being a strong supporter of professional associations, Calanit has been an active member of many organizations. Currently and through the years, she has been a member of PCMA, IAEE, MPI, ISES and LVHA and is an honorary member of ETA Sigma Delta --the Hotel Administration honor society. Calanit is also a member of Golden Key Society of the National Honor Society.

In 1997, the IAEM Annual Meeting in Boston honored her with the Miller Freeman Award for her contribution to the Trade Show Industry.

A to Z Events exists with the sole purpose of improving services to exhibitors, corporations, convention and trade show management. A to Z is dedicated to instilling a win-win atmosphere. A to Z offers services such as Destination Management, Off-site Events, Event Décor, Dining, Tours, Activities, Entertainment, Convention Talent and Models. A to Z Events client lists are vast and distinguished. Most notable, A to Z has been the preferred vendor for some of the most prestigious hotels in the USA including Wynn Las Vegas, The Encore; as well as the preferred vendor for Freeman, the largest general convention contractor in the USA and Recently added, NAB National Broadcasters Association.

As the business world was changing in 2010, Calanit personally experienced the economic changes and downfall. By nature, Calanit is a fighter. Wanting to help her friends, the people of Nevada, she started working with the homeless. Calanit spent a good amount of her time also meeting with business leaders and the residents of Nevada. As she listened to the frustrations voiced by the homeless, other residents and local officials, her involvement with the Las Vegas community grew. Calanit decided to do something about it by running for the office of State Assembly Representative. Although she did not win, she learned much! Speaking engagements at UNLV, many other universities, and business gatherings led her to write a successful book “What Choice Did I Have”

Furthermore, she launched, very successful online trade show vendors directory -- A place where trade show vtendors and clients connect directly -- A game changer in the convention and events industry. She wanted to empower business owners to be in charge of their own success. 

Calanit is a successful columnist for many years with her columns in Exhibit City News and Informer Las Vegas

In 2012 Calanit had the honor of having her profile win a recognition of “1% most viewed profile on LinkedIn in 2012” (out of 250 million members)

Furthermore, in 2012 she was nominated for the businesswoman of the year.

Lastly, Calanit is an expert web site builder. Building 5 very successful web site. 
From Design, site map planning, search optimization, google analytics to social media integration, she can do it all, which got her nominated for Women in Tech award. 

Calanit is known for her passion and giving to others, her new mission is to help Three Squares Food Bank to increase their visibility and food donation.

Currently, A to Z has been growing steadily due to Calanit's passion, leadership, experienced staff members and high standard of ethics and customer satisfaction. The future is vast… Stand by to watch what is next!

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