Great Magician
Great Magician

Magician For Events Las Vegas


Las Vegas, NV

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Magician for your event, Las Vegas, is the perfect add on. Walking around or a full show, this magician will be perfect for your event.
About the artist:

Amazing Talent!!!

This talented Magician and Hand Tricks Performer with his own show on theLas Vegas

Strip.You will be amazed as every day objects like playing cards and coins do mysterious

things in your guest’s hands.  It is a great icebreaker to get everyone talking and popular

form of cocktail hour or dinner entertainment. The costume for this can be a suit,

tuxedo, or wizard costume depending on your occasion.

Why book this artist:

For Conventions, Booth Promotion, or Walking Around Mixing With Your Guest:

Tricks List:

  • Invisible deck card trick – Your guests will shuffle an invisible deck, choose a card, place face down and magician will bring out a real deck and the face down card will appear
  • Classic coin transposition – 3 Coins that appear in a flame of fire --- This will a perfect accent to your venue.  

  • Floating dollar bill
  • Signed card – appears in various places including magician’s wallet
  • Floating cigarette – comes out of nose / ears
  • Borrows key from audience – bends it with his bare hands
  • Plucks red light out of the air and it reappears in audience pocket
  • Various mind reading tricks


For His Show, Tricks List:

  • Magic Tricks
  • Flame to appearing Cane
  • Pulling a 8 foot pole out of my pants
  • Pulling a 25 foot streamer out of my mouth
  • minding reading tricks with giant cards and a dry erase board
  • vanishing champagne bottle
  • floating bottle of water 
  • comedy version of vanishing a banana
  • putting a sword thru volunteers neck
  • sawing a volunteer in half - will need a banquet table (for volunteer to lay on)     on stage and electrical outlet within 25 feet for this trick
  • a giant domino trick
  • making a puppet appear that looks like a live raccoon
  • tricky bottles