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Whitney Houston Impersonator Las Vegas


Las Vegas, Nevada

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Best Whitney Houston Impersonator. Las Vegas Whitney Houston Impersonator is one of the best in the world. Headliner in Legend in Concert Show. Her voice is amazing. Great Show!!
About the artist:

In 2012, the world lost a gossamer voice that the Guinness Book of World Records once anointed as “the most awarded female artist of all time.” 

She was Whitney Elizabeth Houston and the world will never see another like her. 

Yet still she lives, in the memory of her legions of fans, and the music that thrives on the airwaves in the wake of her all-too brief time on this earth. 

Like many of Whitney’s fans worldwide I am determined to see that her legacy is not forgotten. 

Dubbed the World's Best Whitney Houston Impersonator, I have sung under the “Legends In Concert" banner for over a decade, in front of audiences around the world, including many Casinos and Cruise Ships.

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