Claw Machine Rental Las Vegas
Claw Machine Rental Las Vegas

Claw Machine Rental Las Vegas


Las Vegas, Nevada

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The Crane Game or Claw Machine rental Las Vegas is an Exiting Promotional Tool that will draw a crowd in seconds. Fully Customized To Your Needs. Claw machine rentals and prize crane game rentals are equipped with certain claws that provide a winner typically within three attempts. Our Giant Crane Game will do the job! One player tries to win prizes by moving the claw and attempting to grab a prize and drop it into the receiving bin!
About the artist:


 What is the weight of the Standard Crane Game?
Approximately 500 lbs.

 What are the dimensions?
44" W x 26" D x 80" H

 What are the power requirements?
110V 3 Amps

 How long does it take to set up/tear down?
Approximately 30-45 minutes to set-up and/or dismantle the unit.
(Note: Does not include Marshalling Time for trade shows).

 What is the average playtime per person?
20 seconds (Can be programmed 10 – 60 seconds in advance)

 Are there different difficulty modes?
Standard Mode – Claw immediately drops down.
Nudge or “Easy” Mode – Claw gradually drops down.

 What is the ideal prize size/shape a claw can pick up?
Plus Dolls
Round-shaped prizes work the best.
However, to truly test how the claw will react to various prizes,
we recommend sending in sample products to test that it is similar in weight and size.
These sample prizes can be returned onsite during delivery.
Ideal Size/Shape: 4 inches in diameter
Maximum Size: 4 inches x 10 inches
Maximum Weight: 8oz (0.5lbs) overall
Renting the additional Plastic Spheres is highly recommended for an additional price.

 Are the panels made out of glass?

 How are prizes inserted?
You will need to insert prizes through the front door of the machine. A key is provided