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December 2016

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Calanit Atia is a respected business woman in Las Vegas which often get interviewed or mentioned in the media. From Huffington Post, M&C meetings and conventions to Review Journal Calanit is considered one of the top experts in the events and trade show industry.

M&C Meetings and Conventions June 2017
Calanit Atia "Was honored to be interviewed for an article about Las Vegas in Meetings and Convention Magazine. Grateful to be viewed as an expert event planner in Las Vegas" Page 50 :)

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Las Vegas woman Magazine  

Podcast - The Don and Mike Show September 2017 - Attached 
Calanit Atia, Award Winner Event Planner with 23+ years extensive experience in the trade show industry.  Founder and President of A to Z Events, Las Vegas Destination Management Company and Nationwide Trade Show and Events Talent Agency.  She is also an Israeli Air Force Veteran, served in the Gulf war, Columnist, Speaker and Philanthropist.  

Additional Information:

August 11, 2012 Article for Successful Magazine:

By Calanit Atia,  Owner of A to Z Events


Companies want to get out of the boring banquet room and get into a cool venue

Think about it … between the seminars and exhibit hall, most of the day they are indoors, at night they want to get loose and fun… They are tired of the standard banquet room events with the 3 courses meal…they want to have fun...experience something new.

For example we did a buyout of a gorgeous club in Las Vegas which has the most spectacular views of the city and the strip….guests love love it…and it was a great draw, which is necessary when you fight for your clients’ attention when there are so many parties are being held by your competitors.  Think about it…where most likely you will go? To a standard banquet room, or a vibrant atmosphere of a club and gorgeous views of the city….Easy pick.


The reality is that sometimes clients must rent a banquet room…the trend we are seeing now is companies want to have FUN …they moved away from the elegant affair to having a fun and interactive event …Today Laughter is a key ingredient in any event.


We had a law firm, which you would presume they would like to have an elegant event, but no…they wanted their client to have fun…so we brought a bull riding machine and Karaoke machine…I was surprised how many people actually got up and sang as well as tried their luck on the bull…was a truly a Fun event that people will remember for a long time…it still vividly imbedded in my memory…especially how much we laughed


Another client, we turned the banquet room into a cool bar, and we had Dueling Pianos play…. This is where two piano players play and battle each other, as well as the guests can make requests…very interactive act. That night people sang, drunk, laughed interacted with each…truly enjoyable night…which again they will remember with a smile…


At the end of the day the primary goal for any event is to be memorable and imbedded in the mind of your guests about the good times they had.  


Greenspun Article:  About your job:

How did you get into the hotel/tourism profession?

Mine is a very interesting and unique story. 

When I was 15 years old I came to Las Vegas to attend the Comdex convention with the Israeli Pavilion. I remember flying into town amazed by the lights of the strip.
First day as we were setting up the booths I was fascinated by all the action on the show floor, and how everything is coming together.  When the show opened I was amazed by the energy, the people, everything…I remember having amazing feeling of being alive…I was full of excitement.   Later that day, one evening, we were all invited to a party at Sheldon Adelson’s suite at the Sands hotel.  The party was lovely; towards the end he came and introduced himself.  We had very nice conversation and then i asked him a question that changed my life.  Since I did not know the lingo of the convention world at a time, I simply asked… What is this world? How do you call it? He answered that this is called the Convention and Trade Show industry and took a minute to explain what it entails.   Innocently I followed up with a question, where do you learn this industry and he answered UNLV.  Never forgot the answer… and after serving in the Air Force I started my journey by attending UNLV in the Hotel Management program.
Don Walters, past president of IAEM told me, once you got the trade show bug you cannot shake it off….well I got it and I got it bad.   While at UNLV I worked over 100 trade shows, conventions and events, to gain as much experience as I can, so I can be the BEST in the industry that I love and proud to be a part of.